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Чехол с клавиатурой luxa2 zip для ipad mini-bluetooth black особенности luxa2 zip-around stand case with bluetooth keyboard: the best bluetooth keyboard logitech’s series of bluetooth easy-switch keyboards (mac /windows ) are the best keyboards to use with most devices, due to the fact that they're a pleasure to type on, are widely loved by reviewers, boast extremely long battery lives, and come in apple-and-microsoft-friendly configurations. Most importantly, they can be paired with up to three different devices at a time and switch back and forth between those paired devices at the push of a button—a handy feature you can’t find in most other keyboards.

How we picked and tested having thoroughly researched and tested this category last year, we saw no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Everything we discovered then about the world of bluetooth keyboards still applies today, so we recently looked into the new models that had come out that were worth testing against our top pick and step-down models. To make sure i hadn’t missed anything, i checked back in with macworld senior editor dan frakes to see what new additions he’d made to his ipad and bluetooth keyboard buying guide.

I also kept a close eye on accessory ces 2014 launch announcements from companies like belkin, logitech, microsoft, anker, and kensington.

And, as people who use the hardware typically know what works and what’s crap, i also trawled amazon, newegg, ncix, best buy, and futureshop on the hunt for favorable and critical user reviews of the keyboards we’ve already reviewed as well as the ones we were considering testing out this year. I tested each for how easy it was to pair with mac and windows computers and android, ios, and windows phone devices.

I then checked each keyboard to see what compatibilities their function and shortcut keys offered. I spent a day typing on each one, averaging at least five to six hours a day.

And of course, the typing experience offered by a keyboard is paramount, so i spent a day typing on each one, averaging at least five to six hours a day. For this part of my testing, i looked at the size of the keyboard’s keys, key spacing, key travel, key response (or lack thereof), whether or not there were any weird key placements that caused issues for touch typing, the number of function keys, what those function keys controlled and how easy it was to include a keyboard’s shortcuts into my workflow.

The best keyboard for most devices logitech’s series of bluetooth easy-switch keyboards (mac /windows ) meet with all of the requirements that we just finished talking about above.

At the time of this writing, they were priced at $87 for the osx/ios-compatible k811 version or $68 for a windows-compatible k810 iteration.

You can argue that both of these prices are a lot to pay for a keyboard, and you’d be right, as you can buy a basic keyboard for under $20 and get a decent one for around $50.

But bear in mind that you buy one of these things to use with multiple devices instead of investing in a different keyboard for every device you own.

When you see it in this light, an easy-switch keyboard becomes a steal.

What’s more, our pick is almost universally loved by anyone who’s ever taken the time to review it.

You could use the keyboard to crank out an email on your laptop, click a button to switch the k811’s input over to your iphone 5s to rattle off a quick text message, and then switch back to working one of the best features of the k811 or k810 is that it can be paired with up to three devices at a time.

To switch between devices, all you have to do it hit one of those three function keys we discuss below.